Monday, November 08, 2004

Origin of the Blue Light Special?

A friend of mine shared this joke with me. And since I'm terrible at remembering jokes (especially at those times when I'm expected to tell one), I've decided to post it here.

One day God came to Adam and said, "Adam, I am very pleased with you. You've named all the animals in six days and you've tended to the land in a diligent manner. I feel I must reward you."

"How so, my Lord?"

"Adam, I shall give you a mate. And she shall be called Woman. She will be the most beautiful and caring creature I have ever made. And she shall be put here to serve you as you have served me. Your every wish will be carried out by her. You will never be lonely again."

"Wow, God, that sounds amazing! But what's it gonna cost me? An arm and a leg?"

"Precisely," God replied, "An arm and a leg."

"Uhmmm...", Adam said curiously, "What can I get for a rib?"

The Texas Renaissance Festival

Yes, the Texas Renaissance Festival would've been much better with money.
Twenty dollars only goes so far....

However, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and all the events.
The knife throwing show was cool.
The "Drench a Wench" booth was great. One of the girls just stole the show with her wisecracks.
I watched many performers. A talented lady, named Courtney Hale, who was playing an acoustic guitar and singing. A couple guys playing bongos. And these two guys with a guitar and a chiming thing. Oh, and a guy with a didgerido (sp?).
I got to see the belly-dancing chain-mail fashion show. Woo-hoo!
And trained birds.
And I met lots of people.

Too bad this came up on a bad-income period for me. December would've been better. I'll get three paychecks next month instead of two.

Wizard World Texas

I barely could afford to go through the door... but they let me in.
Wizard World isn't that great when you have no money. But it was still pretty cool.

Things I did:
*Met Michael Lark and got some signings. I also picked up his sketchbook. More info coming.
*Picked up two comics- Official Index to the Doom Patrol #1 and 12 cent issue of Secret Six (only because they were both on sale for $1)
*Saw Joe Singleton again.
*Met the artist of Forsaken and got the first three issues cheap.
*Oh... at this point I was broke. Had only $20 left. And had to save something for the Rennaissance Fair the next day.
*Met the writer of Hawaiian Dick. He wasn't very talkative.
*Saw Mark Waid and Barry Kitson (from a distance). Their lines were closed.

It would have been better if I had finished the comic I had planned to take with me to promote. But, damn, work keeps getting in the way.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Mixing it Up

Starting this week I'm going to be doing my music a bit differently.
I recently installed a new harddrive in my computer which gives me 60 gigs of more room. Very nice considering my original harddrive is 14 gig and Star Wars Galaxies took up a big chunk of it.

So, I moved all my music mixing software over to the new drive.

What this does for me is it gives me the freedom to do something else with my computer besides play SWG. I can install another game, I can make mix cds, I can mess with photoshop. Whatever I want. Without worrying about running out of room. Or worrying about lack of memory space (something I was beginning to have to deal with).

Which brings me back to what I'm going to do with my mp3 features here on my blog.
I currently have three mix cds I've made. Starting today I'll be posting them here.
Unless something that requires being spotlighted seperately comes up, all the tracks I put up will be part of a continuous mix.

The first one was made last year, the second early this year. The third one was made yesterday. Once I've caught up, I'll be posting a set once a week, provided I have space. I don't have a file host, so I'm using the space given to me by my internet provider which comes in 10mb sections.
You'll notice that the sets are seperated by tracks. That's for two reasons. 1) I like to be able to find a song easy and 2) it lets them fit in those 10mb sections.

Here is the first set-

Mix 1 - 8 tracks
PDOA - "F*** the Fake Stars"
Tiga - "Hot in Herre"
Tori Amos - "Don't Make Me Come to Vegas"
Basement Jaxx - "Get Me Off"
Benny Benassi - "Satisfaction"
Madonna - "Hollywood"
Zombie Nation - "Kemkraft 400"
DJ Thako f/ Taylor & Flow - "You Make Me Feel 2002"

I lost my original track listing for this set, so I don't have the names of the specific versions of the songs. And you may notice the artist name "kossori" on the MP3s. That was my dj name.
Enjoy. Comments and requests welcome.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Tomorrow is election day. Many people have early voted. Some even told me they early voted so they couldn't change their mind again.

It's gonna be a tough race, folks. Even I kept bouncing back and forth between Kerry and Bush. Even after posting the blog entry where I announced my decision to vote for Kerry. The debates were very intense this year.

Ultimately, I did what each of us should do. I imagined myself as president. What would I do? Where would I direct our country? How would I bring America back to being a country of freedom and not elitism? What issues do I think are important, from living my life?

These are the important areas.

Here is a message that I received that is being relayed throughout the blogging community, via Music Bloggers for Democracy:

Hey!! Stop what you're doing! You're not going to find that Arcade Fire live bootleg today, nor will you be stumbling across the b-side to "Hand In Glove", and there's no way you'll be finding that unreleased Pixies album. What you need to do is get ready to vote in the most important
election of our lives. Figure out where your nearest polling place is and make sure you are registered. Tell your friends to vote, tell your enemies for that matter. But just vote.

Worried that you're not informed enough to vote? You're on the internet - the information is out there waiting for you. Not a U.S. citizen? Then please call or email all your American friends and make sure they plan on voting. Many artists/organizations are stepping up and helping with the Get Out the Vote campaign, and now so are many of us in the music blogging community. Below are some links but please continue to add your own.

And since this is an mp3blog we've added a song or two as well.
Vote by Chris Stamey w/Yo La Tengo

Get Out And Vote On Novemeber 2nd. Regular Blogging Will Commence On November 3rd.


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