Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Why Sadowski is the Man

Here's some pencils from JLA #75.

Stephen Sadowski earned my appreciation back when JSA first launched. The man can draw!

It's a shame he doesn't have a regular series anymore.

Marvel Comics for October 2005

From the official solicits:

Pencils and Cover by ALEX MALEEV
The Bendis/Maleev finale continues as Matt Murdock's entire future is on the line. The Kingpin has pure evidence of his dual identity, and if the Feds get it, game over. And the one person that knows where this evidence is? ELEKTRA! Part 3 (of 5).

Y'know... I don't know if I'll even be reading Marvel Comics after this story ends. Daredevil's the only title I've actually kept up with of theirs for the last year or so.

Finishes & Cover by BILL SIENKIEWICZ
Nobody denies that the former Cold War spy Natasha Romanova is a force to be reckoned with. The last man foolish enough to send killers after her paid the highest price, but his friends on Capitol Hill will ensure that Natasha doesn't get off easy and not even Col. Nick Fury can protect her this time.
Richard K. Morgan is the Phillip K. Dick Award-winning sci-fi author of Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, and Market Forces. Returning to BLACK WIDOW is comics legend Bill Sienkiewicz (ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN), joined by Eisner Award-nominated artist Sean Phillips (Sleeper).
Read the red-hot sequel to the limited series praised by Entertainment Weekly, Ain't It Cool News, SFX Magazine and more!

Fortunately, I have Black Widow here to keep me company for at least two months after the Bendis/Maleev Daredevil story ends.

The new X-Factor series by Peter David may reel me back in. As long as it's not too involved with the X-Men. We'll have to see.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Music I Bought This Last Week

This last payday I decided to start filling my cd collection up again.
Going to Hastings I picked up Verve Remixed Volume 3 and Motown Remixed. I have the first two volumes of Verve Remixed and I really like them. I remember when the first one came out... I had a job working overnight at a hotel and I played it and DJ Shadow while I was there. Truly a fond memory.

Motown Remixed is a little more r&b than chillout, but the new mixes on the album were actually pretty good. Much better than that James Brown Remixes cd I got a while back.

In the virtual world, I went to E-Music and downloaded Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz Volume 5 and a couple of live Bjork albums.
I still have some downloads left for the month but I'm holding out until I have an impulse.

I've been checking out some other mp3 selling places, but they all charge around a dollar or two per song. A little steep, I think. I kinda like E-Music's 90 songs for $20. Which comes to less than a quarter per song... Is there anything else that's close to this?

Update: I just finished choosing my other two albums from E-Music. I picked up Rip Rowan's Rhythm/Pleasure and the Thievery Corporation's Cosmic Game. Both are really good if you're into trip-hop/downtempo or acid jazz. And there's a lot of guest stars on Cosmic Game.

So to sum it up, here's what's currently playing in my world:

Air - Moon Safari
Bjork - All is Full of Love (Single)
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing...
Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz Volume 2
Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz Volume 5 (NEW)
Rip Rowan - Rhythm/Pleasure (NEW)
Thievery Corporation - Cosmic Game (NEW)
Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy
Various Artists - Verve Remixed Volume 1
Various Artists - Verve Remixed Volume 2
Various Artists - Verve Remixed Volume 3 (NEW)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

DC Comics for October 2005

As you can proably tell from my last post, DC Comics has released their solicits for comics shipping in October.

Here's what caught my eye and will be getting my money:

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning
Covers by Jim Lee & Sandra Hope
and George Pérez
It's finally here: the comics event so massive that it built over the first half of 2005, through COUNTDOWN, DAY OF VENGEANCE, RANN/THANAGAR WAR, VILLAINS UNITED and THE OMAC PROJECT! Prepare for the dawn of the DCU's darkest day in INFINITE CRISIS, a 7-issue miniseries written by Geoff Johns (GREEN LANTERN, JSA) with art by Phil Jimenez (OTHERWORLD, Uncanny X-Men) & Andy Lanning (OTHERWORLD) and covers by George Pérez (CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) and Jim Lee (BATMAN, SUPERMAN) & Sandra hope! Surrounded by their most fearsome enemies, the world's greatest heroes are divided within and without. DC's icons - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman - are joined by Nightwing, Supergirl, Donna Troy, Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Green Lantern, the Flash and more as they face their most dire hour. What happens next will destroy friendships and lives, dictating the direction of the universe for the next generation! Years in the making, the greatest event to hit the DCU in over two decades is about to explode - don't miss out! Retailers please note: This issue will ship with covers by Lee & Williams (50%) and Pérez (50%).
On sale October 12 o 1 of 7 o 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US Edited by Eddie Berganza

How can I not get this? Even after the hoopla surrounding Identity Crisis and the killing of Blue Beetle... and the choice for the new Eclipso... And the return of almost every dead character...

I'm still friggin intrigued as to how it's all going to come together. Call me a sucker.

I just hope that the lead-in title that I chose to follow (Rann/Thanagar) has some importance in the story.

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Joe Bennett & Jack Jadson
Cover by Adriana Melo & Will Conrad
The two masterminds behind DCU's heroes and villains meet at long last, as Oracle and the Society's Calculator face off!
On sale Oct 19 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

And here's proof that I really should have been following Villians United, as well. With Gail Simone writing both and the Brainiac/Oracle thing going on I should have paid more attention. Guess I'll read my friend's copies.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and cover by Ethan Van Sciver
Mutilated by the events of REBIRTH, Black Hand returns to wreak horrifying vengeance! Meanwhile, the bizarre experiments of a new alien race come to light with their current prisoner: Green Lantern. And how does this all connect with the Rann/Thanagar War?
On sale October 26 o 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Look! Something finally ties into Rann/Thanagar!

And I have to say that the now literally Black Hand could be an interesting character.

Written by Geoff Johns & Dave Gibbons
Art and cover by Patrick Gleason & Christian Alamy
The 6-issue miniseries following the adventures of the Green Lantern Corps continues! The first assignment for two rookie Lanterns may be their last. Plus, Kyle Rayner meets an old love, and the biggest Green Lantern of all comes under attack.
On sale October 19 o 2 of 5 o 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

I can't wait to see this book and discover who all the Corps members are. I know there were a few that appeared during the Green Lantern Corps Quarterly series way back when that I would love to see return.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Art and cover by Joe Bennett & Ruy Jose
The Hawks' year of mystery, madness and mayhem comes to it's startling and violent resolution in a battle not to be missed! Questions will be answered, blood will be spilled and only Hawkman knows the truth behind the plot to destroy him! Guest-starring the JSA.
On sale Oct 12 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Man... that year long story really is flying by, isn't it?

Well, I'd like to think that this cover reinforces my original suspicions about Golden Eagle as I think he's the real mastermind behind the attacks. I'm sure it was all one of those "you left my mother before I was born" issues with them both discovering it wasn't this Hawkman that got her pregnant.

Unfortunately, they'll also find out that she slept with every Hawkman... She must have had a thing for big beaks.

Written by Bob Haney and Gardner Fox
Art by Ramona Fradon, Jack Sparling, Mike Sekowsky and others
Cover by Sal Trapani
This massive black-and-white volume collects all Metamorpho's Silver Age adventures, from THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #57-58, 66, 68, METAMORPHO #1-17, and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #42! Guest-starring Batman, the Justice League of America, the Metal Men and more!
On sale Oct 5 o 560 pg, B&W $16.99 US

These affordable b&w reprints of old Silver Age stories are looking to be amazing. I'm glad DC stopped worrying about what people would think of them following Marvel's example with the Essentials. It's like they've formed a whole new medium.

This edition with Metamorpho may seem like an odd choice for some but he was an iconic character for '60s DC. I'm sure we'll see editions for the Metal Men, the Doom Patrol and Creeper as well.

These Showcase Presents are even getting me back into the Essentials. You don't think they're secretly working together, do you?

Written by Dave Gibbons
Art and cover by Ivan Reis & Marc Campos
The war takes an ugly, brutal turn as two worlds and countless lives are ripped asunder, setting the stage for the galaxy's greatest battle and leading into the INFINITE CRISIS!
On sale October 5 o 6 of 6 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

And so the war finally comes to an end. Or does it?

I'm wondering who Hawkman is kneeling over, however. Hawkwoman, perhaps?

Written by Mike Allred & Lee Allred
Art and cover by Mike Allred
Join Mike Allred, the creator of Madman and The Atomics, as he takes a whirlwind tour of the DCU! First stop: Hourman, as we find out exactly how much super-heroing a hero can do.
The craziness continues as two super-teams are pitted against each other in "Doom Patrol vs. Teen Titans." In "Batman A-Go-Go!", the Caped Crusader is taken on a kooky psychedelic journey. Allred visits Jack Kirby's Fourth World as Lightray and Orion put Mister Miracle to the test in "Fourth World Wager." Can Scott Free really get out of any trap? And it's all capped off with "Comic Book Clubhouse," featuring just about every DC hero!
On sale October 26 o 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US

THE Book! I warned you! You better get this one!

I don't know if I can contain my excitement. Mike Allred on X-Statix? Bah! Mike Allred on the Doom Patrol, the Teen Titans, Mister Miracle and Batman?
Now... that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

And he's writing it, too!

This'll probably be the best thing he's done since he ended Madman. And hopefully doing this will inspire him to start writing again.

One can hope...

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and cover by Frazer Irving
Klarion has reluctantly returned to his lost colony of Puritans in Limbo Town, far below New York City, to warn them of an impending invasion. Instead of being welcomed as a savior, he is captured, tried, and sentenced to be burned alive. Can Klarion and Teekl convince the people of Limbo Town that not only their entire way of life is in danger, but their whole world?
A Soldier must die - will it be Klarion the Witchboy?
On sale October 19 o 4 of 4 o 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Ryan Sook & Mick Gray
Cover by Sook
Zatanna and Misty search for the 7 Unknown Men of Slaughter Swamp, only to find themselves face to face with a menace beyond imagination! The unexpected return of an almost unstoppable Golden Age master villain could spell doom for the Mistress of Magic unless she gets her groove on fast. Will Zatanna regain her powers in time for the ultimate magical duel with the ultimate cosmic criminal ? With a storyline leading directly into the epic SEVEN SOLDIERS #1, the answer may not be what you expect!
A Soldier must die - will it be Zatanna?
On sale October 5 o 4 of 4 o 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Seven Soldiers hits it mid-way point as both Klarion and Zatanna come to a close. And they both have the same "a Soldier must die" teaser...

I bet it's one of the issue #0 Soldiers...

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Another great cover by Sook, btw.

Written by Brian Azzarello
Art and cover by Marcelo Frusin
Fresh off his white-hot run on SUPERMAN, Eisner award-winning writer Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, BATMAN) has created a Western for the new millennium. Reuniting with HELLBLAZER artist Marcelo Frusin, Azzarello has fashioned a tough-as-nails monthly series that combines all the bloody action and atmosphere of a Sergio Leone film with the provocative storytelling of HBO's Deadwood. The extra-sized 40-page issue #1 is just $2.99; future issues are 32 pages.
Wes Cutter is a wanted man running from a violent past - the horrors of the Civil War, a brutal stint in a Union prison camp, and the savage fallout of Reconstruction. Now he's on a quest for the one thing in short supply: peace. Joining Wes is his beautiful wife Ruth, a woman who has been to hell and back herself - and hides dark secrets of her own. The road they travel will be a bloody one, leaving a trail of bodies stretching from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean. This is a tale only Azzarello - the mind behind some of the hardest-hitting comics of the last decade - could tell.
On sale October 26 o 40 pg, FC, $2.99 US o MATURE READERS o Edited by Will Dennis

Here it is! The next big story from Azzarello!

I see they modified the cover a bit. I like it.

Too bad Jonah Hex got bumped again. Would have been a great Western month. I'm thinking they didn't want the two books to seem to compete against each other. Hope it comes out next month.

100 BULLETS #65
Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Eduardo Risso
Cover by Dave Johnson
Check back in with Loop, Lono and Victor, as the felonious trio leaves Chicago and hits the road in search of revenge. Their targets: any remaining members of the Trust stupid enough to cross their path. But can the three trust each other enough to work together, or will road rage get the better of them?
On sale Oct 12 o 32 pg, FC, $2.75 US o MATURE READERS

What can I say about this book that hasn't already been said? You're either reading it or you're deprived.

That's the line-up for the month of October.

The introduction of Captain Atom to the Wildstorm universe did grab my attention, also. Just not enough to go on to warrant me picking it up.

And for those people who picked up Vertigo: First Taste a while back, DC is offering Vertigo: First Offenders. This collection will include the first issues of The Invisibles, Fable, Preacher, Sandman Mystery Theatre and The Sandman Presents: Lucifer. All for $5.

Now I'm going to step back and see how much money October's going to cost me...

THE Book to Get in October!

Mike Allred hits the DC Universe!

And he does the Doom Patrol!

Hope everyone's doing well

Just a lil' eyecandy here...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Charting the Path

I was reminescing about MTV's AMP series again. I do that every now and then. In 1996 it introduced me and a lot of Americans to electronica, something that was already taking Europe by storm.

With the likes of Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Underworld, Future Sound of London, Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk, AMP blazed a trail that eventually gave way to commercialism, overexposure and imitation.

And then it went away as electronica integrated itself into pop music. It was no longer a form of music on it's own. It was now just another style.

Nevertheless, the artists that pioneered the movement of the "next big thing" of the moment continued to make music. And still do.

Unfortunately, AMP was the only outlet for that type of music at the time. Unless you had the internet. Even then, because of how limited the web was at the time, it was still hard to find anything.

Around the time that AMP was winding down, I came across Hearts of Space, an ambient/new-age show that plays on a semi-local public radio station. After doing a bit of searching online I discovered another show, called Musical Starstreams, and started listening to both pretty regularly.

Around that same time I also started to create my own tracks. I have to admit that my experiences with AcidMusic took away some of the mystique of music but it's also given me much more respect for the artists.

In recent years I found SomaFM and their streaming stations to be perfect for me and my tastes. Everything from ambient to experimental to trip-hop can be found in their selections. Matter of fact, they just added a new trance station.

Then I came across Metropolis which I've learned has been going from before AMP ever signed off. Airing on KCRW, Metropolis has become my direct replacement for AMP as I use it to explore new sounds and artists. And I'm thrilled that they now archive the last played show to play "on demand" since I'm usually working when it's on.

Just this last week I've started browsing through the electronica/dance podcasts on ipodder and I've added A Night Drive Thru Babylon to the list. It's a bit more low-key than Metropolis yet it still has a good vibe.

And what will I find next?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mixing Update

Well... I prefer not to split the mixes up into bite-size portions.
But my latest mix is 2hrs long and weighs in at 109mb (20.5mb if I reduce quality to 24kbps). My ftp server holds stuff in eight 10mb folders. I don't think it's gonna fit.

Anybody have a (free) suggestion?

I was thinking of myspace. I notice they limit you to four tracks. I wonder if they limit you by file size, too..?

Update: Looks like they do.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Oh, I'm Sooo Happy!

I was surfing the web today looking for some software and happened upon Replay Radio's site. I used to have their program waaay back around publish 3 (it's now on 6) and I still had the install file on a cd somewhere... but I'd lost my registration code after one of my reformatting experiences.

This had happened once before and I'd e-mailed them and they gave me my code. But since it was now three generations older, I thought I'd have to buy it all over again.

But then I found the "lost code?" support.

And I had it e-mailed to me.

After about an hour of searching, I found my old version 3.3 version and re-installed it.

I may just upgrade later this month to 6... Just to show my support.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

New Mix

Just finished a new mix.
Here's the track listing:

1. Kylie Minogue vs. New Order - "Can't Get You Out of My Head on a Blue Monday"
2. Vernessa Mitchell - "Accept Me"
3. Beyonce - "Crazy in Love"
4. Madonna - "Deeper and Deeper"
5. New Order - "Krafty"
6. Black Eyed Peas - "Don't Phunk With My Heart"
7. Simply Red - "Sunrise"
8. Mariah Carey - "It's Like That"
9. Africanism All Stars - "Summer Moon"
10. Gwen Stefani - "Hollaback Girl"
11. Kelly Osbourne - "One Word"
12. Groove Armada - "I See You Baby"
13. Deborah Cooper - "Live You All Over"
14. Missy Elliot - "4 My People"
15. Chemical Brothers - "Bass Test"
16. La Rissa - "Jay and Jane"
17. Quad City DJs - "Ride the Train"
18. Mylo - "Drop the Pressure"
19. Pussycat Dolls - "Don't Cha"
20. George Michael - "Flawless"
21. Janet Jackson - "Throb"
22. Starsailor vs. Blur - "Four Boys & Girls to the Floor"

Running time: 1:59:59.

I think I'm going to try to get the next mix under 80 minutes so I can fit the whole thing on one cd.

Podcasts Update

Today I'm just going to chill out and listen to some music. Enjoy a nice relaxing day at home.

I have to go buy groceries later... but until then...

I dusted off my iPodder and started checking out some podcasts.

The list of podcasts I checked out today:

Apocalypse Lounge
Audio Kitchen with The Professor (WFMU)
Antique Phonograph Music Program (WFMU)
Celebrity Vinyl Heaven
Do or DIY with People Like Us (WFMU)
Frank Moore's Shaman's Den
Hellthy: Early America
Indie Content Networks
International House of Dancakes
Looptron Radio
Lost Discs Radio Show
Music of the Third Millennium Podcast
Not Work Safe Radio
Radio Clambake!
Strange Music in Small Doses
The Bill Callaway Show
The Lucky Pickles Home Jar
The Remixatorium
Thomas Edison's Attic
We Can and We Must Survive!
Weirdsville. com
Renaissance Festival Podcast
-n netlabel
A Night Drive Thru Babylon
ACIDplanet Podcasts
Advanced D&D with Donna Summer
Agitha Demark Recordings
Attitude City
BackRoomSounds Podcast

And the ones I liked were...
Do or DIY with People Like Us
A Night Drive Thru Babylon
ACIDplanet Podcasts

Metropolis on Demand

One of my all-time favorite public radio shows, Metropolis, is now available on-demand. This means that you can listen to the latest episode anytime you like just by clicking here.

Metropolis is a great electronica showcase and it introduced me to a lot of artists post-Amp.

For more information go to KCRW's page devoted to the show.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mix 2

See, this is what happens when I go without posting any music in a long time.

Remember this post?

That was back before my computer crashed. Well, I dusted off another one of my mixes and loaded it up on the web.

Unfortunately, the mix I was working on at the moment of the crash was completely lost.

Mix 2
(note that this is a continuous mix and should be listened all together if possible)

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 14
Track 15
Track 16
Track 17
Track 18
Track 19


After work tonight I'll be re-installing my mixing software. Maybe I'll make something new.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Mad Mad Movie Marathon - Night 6

Twilight Zone: "Mr. Dingle, the Strong"
(Episode 55 - 03/03/1961)
A timid salesman (Burgess Meredith) is given super strength by a martian experimenter. He eventually returns to normal - briefly. For the experiments have just begun!
(25 mins)

Twilight Zone: "Two"
(Episode 66 - 09/15/1961)
Two lone survivors (Elizabeth Montgomery, Charles Bronson) of a nuclear holocaust must start the world anew - a difficult prospect since they are from opposing sides in the war!
(25 mins)

Horrors of Spider Island
A plane bound for Singapore crash lands on a desolate island, stranding a troupe of beautiful dancers. They settle into an idyllic routine of skinny-dipping and creating minimalist outfits, but their idyll is interrupted when their manager is bitten by a radioactive arachnid. Soon he is transformed into a crazed furry-faced creature with fangs and a murderous disposition. Starring Harold Maresch.
(1 hr 14 mins)

The Wasp Woman
Poor Susan Cabot goes looking for the fountain of youth aided by scientist Doctor Zinthrop who has developed a transforming treatment based upon wasp enzyme. Unfortunately, the treatment turns her into a ghastly flesh-devouring creature instead. Starring Susan Cabot.
(1 hr 12 mins)

(This was actually yesterday's post. It was eaten by Blogger.)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8

Watch it. It's good for you.

Featuring performances by Shakira, the Cure, Andrea Bocelli, Duran Duran, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Green Day, Brian Wilson, A-ha, Simple Plan, Bryan Adams, Jet, Barenaked Ladies, Neil Young, Jay-Z, Def Leppard, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park, U2 and Paul McCartney, Madonna, Coldplay, Elton John, Sting, Mariah Carey, The Who, Pink Floyd and many more!

Live 8 Webcasts

It's like an orgy of music! Like a culmination of decades of audio and visual entertainment! I'll be in my bunk!

African Children's Choir
Annie Lennox
Bob Geldof
Elton John
Joss Stone
Killers, The
Mariah Carey
Ms. Dynamite
Paul McCartney
Pink Floyd
Robbie Williams
Scissor Sisters
Snoop Dogg
Snow Patrol
Velvet Revolver

Alicia Keys
Black Eyed Peas
Bon Jovi
Dave Matthews Band
Def Leppard
Destiny's Child
Josh Groban
Kaiser Chiefs
Keith Urban
Linkin Park
Maroon 5
P Diddy
Rob Thomas
Sarah McLachlan
Stevie Wonder
Toby Keith

African Guitar Summit
Barenaked Ladies
Blue Rodeo
Bruce Cockburn
Bryan Adams
The Bachman Cummings Band
Deep Purple
DobaCaracol featuring Kna'an
Gordon Lightfoot
Great Big Sea
Jann Arden
Les Trois Accords
Motley Crue
Our Lady Peace
Sam Roberts
Simple Plan
Tegan & Sara
The Tragically Hip
Tom Cochrane

Antonello Venditti
Articolo 31
Biagio Antonacci
Claudio Baglioni
Duran Duran
Faith Hill
Francesco De Gregori
Gemelli Diversi
Irene Grandi
Laura Pausini
Le Vibrazioni
Max Pezzali
Piero Pelu
Pino Daniele
Renato Zero
Tim McGraw

Def Tech
Dreams Come True
Good Charlotte

Andrea Bocelli with the Philarmonie der Nationen
Amel Bent
Axelle Red
Cerrone / Nile Rogers
Craig David
Cure, The
David Hallyday
Disiz La Peste
Florent Pagny
Kool Shen
Louis Bertignac
Matt copora
Sheryl Crow
Tina Arena
Yannick Noah
Youssou N'Dour

Brian Wilson
Chris de Burgh
Crosby Stills & Nash
Die Toten Hosen
Green Day
Herbert Groenemeyer
Joana Zimmer
Juan Diego Florez
Katherine Jenkins
Renee Olstead
Roxy Music
Soehne Mannheims
Wir Sind Helden

Agata Kristy
Aliona Sviridova
Delphin - TBC
Garik Sukachev - TBC
Moral Code X
Pet Shop Boys
Red Elvises

South Africa:
4Peace Ensemble
Jabu Khanyile and Bayete
Lucky Dube
Mahotella Queens
Orchestre Baobab
Oumou Sengare
Vusi Mahlasela
Angelique Kidjo
Maryam Mursal
Salif Keita
Thomas Mapfumo
Daara J
Ayub Ogada
Modou Diouf & O Fogum

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Winkytiki Babe


And in Other News...

Tom Cruise said "Yes!" and Brooke Shields said "No!". This was followed by a long series of "Scientology Season" and "Psychology Season" replies to each other...

Meanwhile, Dr. Ruth Westheimer has begun her own answer to Scientology and Psychology, calling it "Sexxxology" (with Eartha Kitt as spokesmodel), which replaces the use of drugs or exercise (to counter the dangers of depression) with wild sexual adventures.

Dr. Ruth says that one night at an adult theater is bound to relieve all your pent up frustrations and remove your feelings of hopelessness. And it's cheaper. So go find a stranger and get it on!

The Great Wall of America?

Remember the Berlin Wall? Remember how excited everyone was when it was being torn down?

Remember why it was being torn down? Surely, you do.

Then why are we (America) putting into motion things that will only result in an invisible Wall around ourselves?

Take this for instance.

All I see is my country further isolating itself from the rest of the world. Where's the logic in this?

Azzarello's Next Big Thing?

Brian Azzarello has had great success with his and Eduardo Risso's 100 Bullets.

Starting in October, DC Comics hits the Western trail with not one... not two... but three Western-themed books!

Jonah Hex returns in a new ongoing series as well as a Showcase Presents trade paperback reprinting a bulk of his original appearances.

Azzarello joins in with an all-new series, titled Loveless. According to Azzarello, it, like 100 Bullets, will have a definite ending that the book will be working towards.
That alone has got my interest.

Of course... there's also the brand spankin' new preview pages!

Mad Mad Movie Marathon - Night 5

Twilight Zone: "Walking Distance"
(Episode 5 - 10/30/1959)
Martin Sloan (Gig Young) is a frazzled executive who learns that you can't go home again after he steps back in time and meets his mom, his dad - and himself!
(25 mins)

Twilight Zone: "Kick the Can"
(Episode 86 - 02/09/1962)
Has an old man at Sunnyvale Rest Home discovered a secret to regaining youth? After playing a simple child's game, he and the other residents are rewarded with rejuvenating powers!
(25 mins)

Black Dragons
It is prior to the commencement of World War II, and Japan's fiendish Black Dragon Society is hatching an evil plot with the Nazis. They instruct a brilliant scientist, Dr. Melcher (Boris Karloff) to travel to Japan on a secret mission. There he operates on six Japanese conspirators, transforming them to resemble six American leaders. The actual leaders are murdered and replaced with their likenesses and Dr. Melcher is condemned to a lifetime of inprisonment so the secret may die with him.
(1 hr 2 mins)

Invisible Ghost
Meet Kessler (Bela Lugosi), a seemingly normal man who is overcome by insanity when he dwells on the tragic fate of his late spouse. Soon he is captured in a hypnotic spell (apparently cast by his wife's spirit). He is then led to commit a series of murders. Kessler avoids detection and an innocent man (John McGuire) is executed in his stead for his first murder. The victim's twin brother enlists Kessler's daughter in a quest to determine the true killer, and to clear his dead sibling's name.
(1 hr 5 mins)