Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elseworlds Secret Six Mock Cover and Line-up

Another DC New Dawns fanfic project from ComicBookResources forum.
The Secret Six features a noir setting, with superpowers being rare and limited to mostly mystics or mundane abilities. The premise is that Batman, the premiere hero of the universe, is killed in action and Nocturna, his lover, forms a team of mystery men to find his killer.

For fun, I made some promo pieces using celebrities to model the heroes:

Omega Force Mock Cover

This was done for the DC New Dawn fanfic project on the ComicBookResources Forum.
It includes the space heroes that I would use if DC was to have a modern day sci-fi adventuring group.
I was determined to have a representative for Rann (Adam Strange), Thanagar (Warhawk -a recolored Golden Eagle) and Tamaran (Starfire).
I also felt that the female Dr. Light could use some use.

Best Genre Music on the Web

One of the great things about the internet is that people are no longer "region locked" and restricted to music from their local radio stations.

I had long desired something different than what was readily available in my hometown when I was growing up. I remember countless nights where I would stay up late because a station from the big city far away would pierce the dark static with music I couldn't hear locally.

This also stemmed from my time when I was a kid. My grandparents lived in the country and only picked up one tv channel, a local (50 miles away) ABC station. I remember once I got my own little tv, I'd stay up late and surf the UHF stations looking for a sign of something out there. I was ecstatic when I discovered late at night a station coming in (quite a bit snowy) showing episodes of Get Smart and other classics.

Not one to conform to the norm, I have always been drawn to the more offbeat or fringe genres in music, comics, television and movies. So it was no surprise that I would gravitate towards the sounds of 20s, 30s and 40s music, Space Age Bachelor Pad music and Crime Jazz.

In the last several years, the availability of quality music streams have increased to a level unimaginable in my younger days. Everything is out there. Everyone can find something they like.

Right now, I'm hooked on Spotify. It's an amazing program. Although, I do still use Pandora to discover new artists (or old ones that I may have missed).
But sometimes, you just want to be taken on a musical journey and give someone else the steering wheel. Providing they stick to the roads and neighborhoods that you are comfortable in.

This is where the following stations come in.
These are all highly recommended.

Martini in the Morning (vocal standards, swing and jazz, both by classics and newcomers)
SomaFM (Especially Secret Agent Radio, Illinois Street Lounge, Folk Forward and Underground 80s. For cyberpunk fans, also check out Mission Control and SF 10-33)
Radio Riel (several stations catering to steampunk and vintage music)
The Electro Swing Revolution (a more recent movement, combining classic swing with electronic aesthetics, also appealing to fans of steampunk)
The 1920s Radio Network (pretty much what it says: music from the 20s, great for fans of Arkham Horror - for extra effect play this youtube video in the background while listening)

For those more adventurous, take a glance at PublicRadioFan. There you will find a limitless supply of public radio stations with music that appeals to all sorts of interests.

And if you're an Arkham Horror fan, be sure to check out this amazing video.