Thursday, January 01, 2015

Sci-Fi Pulp Wonder Man for MSH

I updated Wonder Man using inspiration from Woodrow McCord and molded him into a more retro-future sci-fi pulp character.

I also updated his costume to fit the theme.


Fighting: EX (20)
Agility: RM (30)
Strength: EX (20)
Endurance: IN (40)
Reason: EX (20)
Intuition: EX (20)
Psyche: GD (10)
Health: 110
Karma: 50

Laser Pistol: EX damage, EX material strength, Range: 6 Areas
Body Armor: Suit provides EX protection.
Jet Pack: gives GD speed.
Goggles: gives multiple vision and hearing abilities, each must be activated by pressing a sensor on side of goggles and only one can be active at a time:
Hypersenditive Hearing: GD, Microscopic Vision: TY, Penetration Vision: TY, Sonar: GD, Telescopic Vision: PR, Thermal Vision: TY, Ultraviolet Vision: TY.

Group Affiliation: The Enforcers (cards soon).

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