Mothership Links


A collection of links for Mothership, a sci-fi horror roleplaying game inspired by Alien and similar works.

The official website for Mothership

The Mothership Reddit page

Critical Hit Table

House Rules from Traaash

Debt and Economic House Rules

Debt Rules v2

Randomized Identity Generator 

Randomized Identity Generator v2 

Custom Backgrounds/Class Info

Mothership to Alien RPG Conversion -can probably be used in reverse, as well.

Mothership Warden Screen -also from Traaash 

Running Star Trek in Mothership

Mothership Character Generator 

Mothership Character Generator v2 

A nice overview of Mothership 

Carousing & Stress in Mothership 

Calm, an Alternative to Stress 

Backgrounds and Memories

Encyclopedia of Speculative Space Trading Rules 

Mods for Mothership 

YB107b for Mothership

Mothership archive at Failure Tolerated 

Mothership archive at Modron RPGs 

Mothership archive at Throne of Salt 

Mothership archive at Uncanny Spheres 

Mothership archive at Runic Technology 

Mothership archive at Imaginary Hallways 

Warden Folio -zine-sized version of the Warden Screen listed above

Character Relations

 Alternate Character Generation

Mission Terminal Generator 

Space Lottery 


Graveyard Orbit

Terminal Velocity

Traaash -so good, it's listed again.






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